Language solutions

Tier 1 Direct language solutions

  • translation
  • interpretation
  • ESL courses

 Tier 2 Business solutions

  • risk management
  • project management
  • research & development

Tier 3 Regional support and representation

  • distance operation
  • task relegation
  • operation management

Tutorship development

Any language learning requires a long-term commitment, we accentuate on all possible options when your business requests corporate tutorship:

  • virtual desktop
  • skype access
  • traditional lessons
  • own methodology

 Our language solution priorities are to organize:

  • efficient data to organizes your staff
  • communication development
  • global inter-linking
  • technology development.

Corporate English/German language courses offered by this website, and this tutor, are mainly held in Kazan, Tatarstan. However, the possibility to offer any language assistance via skype is open. Our main technical language fields are:

  • IT industries
  • medicine
  • physics
  • telecommunications
  • oil industry
  • chemistry, etc.

Communicative methodology

Learning languages abroad, at home or on-line doesn't make a big difference without the communicative approach.We choose communicative methodology in language tutorship, because it is the easiest and the hardest at the same time way to solidify English/German as a second language.

Not every person likes such approached and prefers different type of tutorship, therefore we must combine:

  • academic
  • communicative
  • traditional,

types of language learning during the lesson, which may be 'packed' but possible for certain situation. We must bear in mind that language tutorship is a conditional craft that has to do with many psychological aspects between the tutor and the student, therefore the final shot would be always behind the communicative methodology.