English language tutorship

Private, corporate English language tutorship in Kazan, Tatarstan and other areas distantly.

ESL standard for the preparation exams of:


Professional language skills in:

  • business English
  • technical English
  • corporate English
  • academic English

Simple and communicative approach in language learning, a possibility to improve your language level. 

  • individual/group study
  • distance education
  • Individual methodology

Let us know if there is any chance we may have to accomplish.

Traditional in-class courses at your regions, at your disposal, require

  • high reaction on group collection
  • staff organization
  • additional costs

comparing to the virtual class involves more

  • manpower
  • rent
  • add placement
  • calls

benefits over virtual class combine traditional interaction, dynamic role-play and physical presence.

More and more possible solutions are offered at the benefits of learners:

  • virtual solutions
  • ease of use
  • low cost dispense
  • instant solutions

Our first virtual class

As it was back in 2013 in Kazan

  • we used video camera instead of a webcam
  • connect 2 pc's to the same account¬†

A virtual class shall consist of a good apparatus-component for video translation. We have to approach you from wide angle approach before you complain on image quality. While recording your feedback, we communicate instantaneously looking at the screen, having direct communication with our listener and with the material at the same time.

Virtual class was always associated with something vague and non-existent, some people believe it is a cheaper version of a traditional class, but no! In many cases it costs even more that traditional approach.

Learning language via Skype is popular from a long ago, and it is a bridge between traditional class and virtual desktop. Why it is still popular?

  • usability
  • ease of access
  • lack of cost efficient fresh alternative

So, yet reminds us a trouble to create a virtual desk at the moment, however development is always in progress and we see some beta versions online.

In combination of good apparatus and software you can attain the similar results in Skype.

A combination of good development

  • teaching materials
  • virtual desk
  • quality translation