Translation services may be automated, nevertheless translation comprised manually may have original content and sound.

Translation languages:

  • English
  • German
  • Russian

Various fields of application:

  • legal documentation
  • technical manuals
  • website content
  • academic material
  • programming

Writing up a worthy content from a pitch. We hire freelance writers and translators who make living by writing, therefore no chances to fail.

Translation is a meticulous process and involves a lot of attention to:

  • details  
  • style
  • context

Technical documentation from scratch and academic writing, probably the highly foraged fields of precision and clarity of a context.

How to translate text precisely?

There is no factual way other than mastering the "feeling" of the context, which means no automated algorithm yet could substitute human craft, though only simulate (Google Translate) it in text adaptation. But this is not the translation we are talking about, but a whole writing and modeling cohesive text that reflects the main title and the meaning.

Therefore, skills to be rained further:

  • Research
  • Reading
  • Enhancement